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T-Shirt Tuesday – T-Rex Edition

A bit of a change of pace after the parade of guitars the past few weeks. Here’s a sequel to my old Struttin’ T-Rex shirt:

Struttin 2.0 Shirt

And you can find it in my RedBubble store .


T-Shirt Tuesday – Manta Ray Edition

First off, thanks to everybody for their patience regarding the Ocean Rain show. We’ve tentatively settled on a date for the opening: Sunday, May 12, and we hope to make the official announcement any day now, once the last few details have been sorted.

And secondly, it’s Tuesday again, so it’s time for a new shirt:

For sale in my RedBubble store .

Another seasonal shirt for everybody:

Available, of course, in my .

Something for the classic car buff in your life:

In my .

So I was drinking with friends last weekend, and the subject of the dinosaur art show came up. Next thing we knew…

As always, you can find this in .

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 12

Whipped up a brand new dinosaur tee last night:

As always, you can buy it in .

Edit: by popular demand, here’s a with a larger raptor, centered in the design.

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 11

Here’s a shirt I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile now:

I think the message says it all. You can order it from my RedBubble store , of course.