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New & Old Area Code Skulls.


A few years ago I designed a tattoo for myself – something to show how much my adopted home – Vancouver – meant to me. When I showed the design around, I immediately got requests to feature it on t-shirts. Since then I’ve developed more designs, primarily based on the East Coast (trivia note: I’ve also lived in all of the Atlantic Provinces).

Now I want to expand the options available, and so I’ve added shirts for Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta so far, with more to come.

You can find the shirts here, in my Redbubble store. And kids’ sizes are also available.

Biker Shirts

Well, hey. I guess this is the first big art news of the new year. As you may have noticed, I released a motorcycle calendar in the fall. And it seemed like a natural outgrowth of that to put out a line of bike shirts, too. Here’s a preview of the nine different designs:



As usual, you can find ’em here, in my Redbubble store.

T-Shirt Tuesday – T-Rex Edition

A bit of a change of pace after the parade of guitars the past few weeks. Here’s a sequel to my old Struttin’ T-Rex shirt:

Struttin 2.0 Shirt


And you can find it in my RedBubble store.



T-Shirt Tuesday – October 15th Edition

Continuing with the electric guitar theme:





And you can buy this and other shirts in my RedBubble store.

Area Code Shirts

You have seen my 604 skull shirts. They started life as a tattoo design until my buddy Scott suggested putting the art on shirts. Since then quite a few Vancouverites have bought one of these:




Then my brother and I were chatting one night and he suggested doing shirts for people in the Maritimes (AKA, where I was born and raised). Here they are:


506_Skull 709_Skull 902_Skull


You can find ’em here in my Redbubble store.

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 25

Continuing with last week’s pin-up girl theme:




This and the shirts from round 24, of course, tie in with my upcoming Hot Pink art show.

And you can find this one here in my RedBubble store.

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 23.

Yes, we took a week off from T-Shirt Thursday last week. We were in dire need of rest.

(Okay, we just forgot, actually. Also, we were drinking. Don’t judge us.)

Anyway, this week we’re back on track with a shirt for everybody who loves Twitter and Instagram hashtags:


And you can buy it right here, in our Redbubble store.

Also, we’ll be back with more next week, and we’ll stop referring to ourselves in the royal we.

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 22

Another Christmas-themed shirt this week, to tie in with our Metalflake Christmas art event:




And you can buy it right here in my RedBubble store.

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 21

With Christmas almost upon us and the Metalflake Christmas event underway, it just seemed right to release Christmas-penguin shirts this week:

Penguin_Shirt_W Penguin_Shirt_K

You can find them here with my other Christmas shirts.

Any thoughts on a name for the little guy?

T-Shirt Thursday, Round 20

Dedicated to the people who know exactly what I mean:



And you can buy it right here in my RedBubble store.