Metalflake Christmas


It’s that time of year! The lights, the food, the parties, the gifts.  And speaking of gifts, we just happen to have released a series of metalflake Christmas paintings. So what do we have? Well, we have these 6×6-inch paintings:

And we also have these 3×4-inch “ doornaments “:

And who is the metalflake Christmas series the perfect gift for? Your wife! Your niece! Your grandma! Your uncle’s dog! Your cat! Everyone loves a metalflake painting. So have yourself a Metal little Christmas now. \m/

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And while I have your attention, we also have a series of Christmas cards available here . And each week I’m releasing new Christmas t-shirts, which you can find .

P.S. Also for your viewing pleasure, I thought you might enjoy the Christmas paintings which have already found their way to new homes:

Merry Christmas!