Presenting the Second Annual Rent-Party Art Sale Extravaganza

“Things are almost bad enough to have a party.”

~ Judd Nelson, The Billionaire Boys’ Club

I dunno about you, but I am having the strangest damn year. As you may know, I work as both an artist and a graphic designer, and having the two revenue streams is really helpful in these dark and troubled times.

This year, though, everything seems to be… off.

Art is selling much better than usual, and January is particular was much busier than in any previous year. Which is weird, but definitely good – because graphic design work has been non-existent (and that’s coming on the heels of a year as financially and emotionally ruinous as 2016).

My solution to such issues is probably obvious by now: when in doubt, throw an art sale. Then I can clear some much-needed space out, AND help pay the rent.

Speaking of which, I’ve been doing 2-day flash sales over the past week. Responses have been good, so I decided on Friday to cap it all off with a BIG sale. Have a look below at the latest offerings. There might just be something there you want, and of course there’s the added bonus of supporting local art (or if you’re not in Vancouver, think “independent art” instead).

And by all means, tell your friends. Spread the word. Help a brother out.

Also, I’ve finished a number of commissions lately, so if you’re thinking about having a custom piece of your own painted, now is exactly the right time.

Sale ends Sunday night, April 30th.

(Disclaimer: prices do not include shipping.)

Blast From the Past.

Once upon a time there was a car magazine publisher named Tom McMullen. Back when I was in highschool, several of his magazines had sections that published illustrations from readers – Truckin’, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, etc.

Fancying myself an accomplished illustrator by this point, I promptly shipped them a handful of my drawings (never occurred to me, of course, to keep copies for myself). Over the next year or so, I think they published four or five of my pieces – my first published work. And last week as I continued in my efforts to purge a lot of the useless crap out of my life, I found three of the magazines:

I knew immediately which issues they were. I can still remember how excited I was to see my art in them. Here, have a look:

I still kinda like that Monte Carlo. Maybe I should draw an updated version sometime.


Wanted to share a rough sketch I did yesterday. As an impressionable young man in the late 1970s, I loved custom vans. Chopped tops, metalflake, shag-carpeted interiors – pure 70s eye candy. And while the fad didn’t last long, it never really went away, either. It’s still an unfulfilled goal of mine to own a shaggin’ wagon someday.

(An aside: I remember, back in the day, my Uncle Geoff first using the term “Shaggin’ Wagon” in front of me. I drew a van with that name displayed rather prominently on the side, and promptly got in shit from my parents. I had no idea that “shaggin'” was a euphemism.)

Anyhow, an online friend who’s seen a lot of my automotive work contacted me about a possible commission – her husband owns a Dodge van he’s in the process of customizing, and she thought a picture of it would be a nice gift. So yesterday I sat down to do a quick thumbnail of it, but I got a bit carried away:

Hope she agrees to go ahead with this. I’m pretty psyched now.