T-Shirt Tuesday – Octopus Edition

Hey there. As you may have noticed, weekly t-shirt releases were on hiatus for awhile as we prepped for (and recovered from) Hot Pink .

But now we’re rebooting the t-shirt release program, starting with this octopus from the upcoming Ocean Rain show (more on this at a later date):

You can buy this lovely cephalopod right here in my Redbubble store .


T-Shirt Thursdays, Round 05

Another Thursday, another new t-shirt:

And you can buy it right here in my RedBubble store .

So the Agent and I were talking earlier, and we thought that adding a new t-shirt design to my RedBubble store every week would be a nice idea.

But I got a little overexcited and added two instead:

You can buy ‘em right .

See you next week.

I had what we call a “bizness meeting” with my friend Karina Halle today. Which generally means Jack Daniels, food, some talk about art, music, and of course her Experiment in Terror series of horror novels. The third book ( Dead Sky Morning )came out recently, and that was the start of my involvement in the project – I drew the map that appears in the opening pages.

Just for fun I whipped up a full-colour version, too:

If you’re not familiar with D’Arcy Island (and I wasn’t), it was the site of a leper colony for Chinese-Canadians from 1891-1924. A pretty grim real-life story, but worth looking up. The book uses the site and its sordid history as its setting. I’m still reading it, but so far it’s really creeped me out several times. Which is a pretty rare quality in a horror novel these days, my friends.

Anyhow, Karina has 5 more books projected in the series, and has enlisted my creative abilities to help with the process. In addition to the map, I’ve designed a logo:

(Part of the premise of the books is that the two lead characters make a web-TV show about their paranormal exploits, so the logo for the book series doubles as the one for the fictitious show.)

The next project was more involved: a definitive portrait of these characters. It started with this basic sketch:

We made a ton of changes to this, but the basics still made it all the way through the design process. Once we nailed down the basic looks of Perry and Dex in the pencil stage, it was time to do inkwash renderings of them:

I also had a slew of ideas for background treatments for this picture. In the end we used three separate concepts, including one where I made a collage of pages ripped out of the first book, Darkhouse (kind of a weird and surreal experience to take a friend’s book and literally tear it to pieces).

Without further ado, here are the three different versions of the illustration, which Karina will be using to promote the books:

So that, is essence, is the beginning – for me at least. We’ve got a ton of ideas for future illustrations (I’d like to incorporate some photography and sculpture to accompany the more traditional illustration), and I’ll be helping out in any way I can when the trailer for Dead Sky Morning is being shot. We’re even trying to arrange a trip to D’Arcy Island, which hopefully isn’t anywhere near as haunted as it is in the book.

Cheers, then. A toast to creativity, collaboration and chills down your spine.

Uploaded two more t-shirt designs to my store yesterday:

Already sold two of the bee shirts. More designs to be added over the next few days. I will, of course, keep you posted.

Howdy. Another numerical post title tonight – eighteen being the number of paintings that’ll be in my next show.

Past few days have been extremely productive. Creativity is bursting at the seams again. Lots of painting, a bit of drawing, lots of design. All of the metalflake paintings are well underway now – the final four are in the glazing process. That should be finished soon, and then it’ll be clearcoat time again.

The glazing process is probably my favourite part of the whole sequence now. So much fun playing with vibrant colour, and it’s probably the least labour-intensive step, too. It’s funny – my first attempt at glazing was only four years ago, and at the time I thought I did a bang-up job. Other painters who saw the piece were generous with their praise, too. And the painting was garbage . Just horrible. I didn’t even know how to hold a brush properly for glazing at that point. Plus I kinda skimped on the drawing part of the process ’cause I was so geared up to start painting.

Anyhow, glazing and I are old friends now. I think it was reading about how and why glazing was done in the Renaissance era that made it all come together for me – essentially, the pigments they had were so primitive, they’d do a yellow glaze and then a blue glaze on top to create green (for example). In some ways that seems needlessly complicated in the modern era, but similar practices do add a lot more vibrancy and chroma to colour.

Meanwhile, I thrashed out the designs for seven more of these paintings today:

And last night I whipped up a list of what design will go on which painting:

Everything’s coming along nicely, now. I should soon be able to predict a completion date.

Good times, good times…

Been messing around today, choosing cars for the calendar, investigating RedBubble’s print specs and such, and designing the cover. Sounds like I might be able to drum up some real interest in this project.

Here’s a first draft of the cover design: