Tuesday was an interesting day. Didn’t get to sleep till about 3:00AM, and then abruptly woke up three hours later. And let me tell ya, I was WIDE AWAKE. Tried to get back to sleep for half an hour or so, but it just wasn’t working. I felt like I’d been mainlining Full Throttle.

So I got up, checked my email and then had a look at the previous night’s artwork. Immediately started touching up a few details on the various paintings. By 7:30 I’d worked on four paintings. And of course there were plenty more needing my attention; I’ve always got a few paintings on the go, but lately the numbers have ramped up considerably.

Kept chipping away at the artwork all day, other than for a couple hours when I took a break and went down to the beach.

At the end of a 19-hour day, I’d lavished my attention on 17 paintings. No errors or missteps, no regrets. The creativity and the paint flowed, despite how jittery I was from sleep deprivation. Not a day I’d necessarily want to repeat, but the results speak for themselves:

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  1. Amazing work, really; that sleep deprivation didn't keep you off your game, that's clear. These paintings look as if you managed to capture light itself on canvas.I liked the "no missteps, no regrets" comment. How often do we try to make something just a bit better, only to have it turn a lot worse! Glad it didn't happen.

    July 9, 2011 at 5:10 PM