Ocean Rain


Bret Taylor is a 16-year Vancouver resident, a transplanted Newfoundlander, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, and a detail fetishist. Living near salt water all his life, he draws much of his inspiration from the sea. He is currently based in the West End and on a good night can smell salt air wafting through the open windows of his studio.

Ocean Rain is his sixth exhibition, and the first hosted at HiVE. It builds on the recent successes of Dinosaurs! and Hot Pink .

These pieces are signposts in an ongoing experiment – the metalflake technique. It’s about creating texture and depth, and even a sense of longing, via a multi-layered acrylic process.

It starts with texture. Each piece is different, but key ingredients are glass bead and black lava gels, and iridescents to enhance reflectiveness. Occasionally broken glass is worked into the strata, and from there coloured glazes are laid down over the textured substrate in a variation of the French grisaille technique.

Time and distance then come into play, creating a barrier between the colour/texture interplay and the surface art.

The centerpiece for this particular exhibition grew from a ferry ride across False Creek on a rainy December afternoon in 2011, and a serendipitous sidelong glance. It seeks to interpret that experience through the prisms of painting, illustration and graphic design.

The show runs for the entire month of May at the HiVE [128 West Hastings, Suite 210].
Opening reception: Sunday, May 12, 6:00 – 9:00PM

Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/515153978544138